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Aki Rahman knows the market of antiques and decorative accessories well. As co-owner of Tempe's Indus Design Imports, along with his brother John, Rahman travels around the world collecting on-of-a-kind items and unusual pieces for his sprawling warehouse. The 28-year-old business carries treasures that date back over 200 years. Sometimes these items require adjustments. "It may just be a decorative piece, but I try to make it into something functional." Thus, Rahman often takes old items and transforms their use to appeal to modern-day senses. He has turned an antique ceramic pot into a lamp, an elephant seat into a coffee table, and a wood panel into a custom door. "I like pieces with a lot of character, ones that are more casual and rustic. I think that's a very important element in our decor."; 480.966-4685


Treasured Possession:                                        
My mother was a sculptor and an artist.
I have some pieces she created that I really
hold dear.

Favorite Museum:
The whole world is a museum to me, but I
think the Metropolitan Museum of Art in
New York is amazing. The collections come
from all over the world. I love the variety.

Latest Find:
A beautiful old paisley shawl that's in fine
condition. It came from Kashmir, India, and
is around 200 years old.

My family owned several antique stores in
India, and I was always tagging along with
my father on buying trips, visiting clients and
going to our shops.

Favorite Getaway:
I love to fish and usually go to Mexico
or Alaska

Design Theory:
I like things that are comfortable. It's not just
about decor, but how you live with the things you have.

*LUXE Magazine is a quarterly journal that showcases luxury residential architecture, design, interiors and products, with regional editions in Chicago, Colorado, Texas, Southern California and Seattle. The eye-catching coffee-table magazine serves as an idea book and resource of fine architectural design, interiors and trends. LUXE connects with affluent consumers who are seeking notable quality home design. The magazine presents readers with a variety of upper end residences, from distinguished estates and sprawling ranches to city townhouses and art-filled lofts.

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